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Characteristics of prescription drug abusers

Harmful consequences of prescription drug abuse

The process of drug addiction usually begins with curiosity which is followed by habit and finally suffering from drug addiction. The recent years has seen a growth in prescription drug abuse which may not be taken seriously initially but with time its harmful effects becomes evident. Prescription drug abuse is quite different from illegal drug abuse because an individual starts on it to feel better. There have been cases where the victim begins to crave for a particular prescribed drug and this can lead to terrible effects on the health. In spite of facing turmoil at the work place or in the family, it is found that the victim is unable to leave this habit and is left feeling depressed and sad.

Characteristics of prescription drug abusers

Those with the problem of prescription drug abuse are usually frustrated, angry, restless and irritated. They show a lack of interest in proper medication and have fluctuating mood swings. There craving for the drugs develops so much that taking it daily becomes a compulsion and he is found to be visiting the pharmacies and doctors quite frequently to get more dosage of drugs. Research says that prescription drug abuse works tremendously on the brains of the user, releasing certain chemicals which do the function of neurotransmitters and leads to an alteration in the normal functioning of the brain. This results in a craving that is insatiable and makes it difficult for him to live without a single dosage.
Such people suffer from insomnia, depression and anxiety and have no interest in social communication and daily activities. The moment they stop using the drug, they suffer from withdrawal symptoms which can prove to be disastrous for their health. If you realize that you are a victim of prescription drug abuse, you must immediately consult the doctor who will advise you on the precautions needed to avoid their harmful effects. Alcoholism coupled with prescription drug abuse can lead to severe problems in the central nervous system, respiration and also kidney. Death can also occur in severe cases of such addiction so, be careful even before taking any basic medication.

Typical warning signs of prescription drug abuse

Just as addiction to other drugs happen, prescription drug abuse is a vicious pattern which is not easily broken once begun. The more a person uses a drug, the more they begin to desire it and the intervals when they do not get it, makes it hard for them to tolerate and can lead to lack of stability and also severe urges that are caused by the body’s inability to create natural chemicals. Some typical signs of prescription drug abuse are-
• Unnecessary use of medication
• Buying medicines with the help of prescriptions of others
• Frequent visits to the doctor to complain of imagined symptoms so that one can get additional prescriptions
• Behavior that is shaky with swift changes in anger, melancholy and moods that are erratic
• Being stressed out and anxious without reason