Preventing drug abuse among children

With the rise in gang violence, rebellion among teenagers and sexual promiscuity, many substances that are addictive are also becoming popular. It is leading to a break down in the traditional family values and structure and this is making the task of dealing with this menace to society even more challenging. Prevention is always better than cure and drug abuse prevention is achievable even though it requires a strong family support. The best way of preventing drug abuse among children is by educating them at the right time before they turn into adolescence as we are living in a society that is very corrupt and children today are being exposed to the ills of society much before their age. Drug use and violence are common scenes on television, in fact even on video games that children are playing, making them vulnerable and inquisitive to the concept of drug abuse.
The role of schools in preventing drug abuse among children
Educators in the school system have an extremely important role to play in warning children of the dangers that await them with the first puff of any drug. Children need guidance from parents but unfortunately the structure of the family may not always be as strong or as ideal as it should be for various reasons. In such circumstances, the education system has to take a stronger stand because there are many teachers who serve as role models for children and can make a difference to them by convincing them of the impending dangers of drugs. It is also important for religious organizations and the clergy to take a stand because of their image and reputation in society. Besides, every layman should do their part and not wait for the government to introduce laws for prevention of drug abuse and measures to deal with them. We all have a part to play and if we are responsible and concerned about this growing menace, we will do our part diligently to

help combat this harmful problem.

There are many things that we can do like starting a mentoring program after school, becoming a tutor to help kids with homework, giving a child an errand or a small job to do after school, becoming a coach for football or soccer etc. In this way, we can keep children diverted and engaged in useful activities and help them use their leisure time constructively rather than indulging in drugs and other harmful activities.

Tips on stopping drug abuse

Children who have begun to abuse drugs can have various reasons for doing so and one of the most common excuses is to change the way they feel. Educators have to make them realize that drugs can never solve their problems, they can just postpone them. The moment you stop using drugs, you may feel worse about yourself and end up using more drugs. So it is important for the concerned people to be there for children who can succumb to abusing drugs. They can be prevented by letting them know that you care and by listening to their problems so that they do not feel unloved and unwanted.

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