treatment of drug abuse

The role of rehab centers in the treatment of drug abuse

Drug addiction among the youth has become a constant threat to the society today. Developed nations are devastated because of the percentage of youth in their countries participating in drug abuse in spite of knowing its harmful effects. All efforts are being made to eradicate this growing epidemic which has brought catastrophe in society. To help combat this problem, drug abuse rehabs or rehabilitation centers have been established so that cases of drug addiction can be treated here. Well equipped with experienced teams and proper facilities, these centers play a pivotal role in restricting the growth of drug abuse among the youth.

Methods adopted for treatment of drug abuse

There are various methods of treatment for those who abuse drugs and most of the concerned treatments are called Pharmacotherapy. Treatments following the recent trends for the drug rehabilitation are brought about which include treatments on gender varying, residential treatments, treatments of out-patient, and centers for extensive care. These centers are responsible for highlighting the fact about drug abuse being the case of the criminal justice and a social evil which needs attention. The objective of all treatments is to help the addict to stop using drugs and also to act as a moderator in addictions like steroids, nicotine, alcohol etc even while promoting the use of anti-depressants. Each rehabilitation center can use a different program to deal with drug addiction though generally they have been grouped into three distinct categories.

Categories of treatment for drug addiction

Some addictions can be safely treated in outpatient programs where medication is given orally like the tablet Methadone. This medicine suppresses the craving for drugs even while preventing symptoms of withdrawal from surfacing. A person can be stable and begin to function normally if the dosage is taken in a sustained manner. Here, the patient is counseled either in a group or individually and is also prepared for physiotherapies. The next category is where a medication that is called Naltrexone is given to the patient after detoxification. It is done in a residential setting and with the help of this drug, the craving for addictive substances is controlled. However the counseling session needs to be carried on for a period of time. It is people with more serious addictions who need residential treatment. This is the third category where the patient is admitted in a facility which is more like a home atmosphere than a hospital for 6 to 12 months and their treatment involves counseling as well as medication.
Whatever is the form of treatment drug addicts require sustained counseling and help from people who are trained to deal with such patients. At the same time they require the assistance of their family so that they are able to recover fully from the problem of drug abuse and never turn back to this killing addiction. There are many more treatment centers and options for drug abusers today and whether the patient is undergoing treatment in inpatient or outpatient care, they are advised to take the help of self help groups to break their habits.

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